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Quality Child Care


 Quality Child Care is Not Expensive, It’s Priceless

Where do your child care fees go?

In our child care, you pay per “position”, which means that
the position is held just for your child and is not based on
attendance.  What does this include?

*Unconditional love & nurturing of your child-priceless.
*Dependability, always available when you arrive.
*Family environment, small ratio, family atmosphere, pets etc.
*Craft supplies: crayons, tape, scissors, glue, paint, markers, paper, pipe cleaners, etc.
*Daily reports on how your child is doing, what they ate, things learned etc.
*Nutritious meals & snacks according to the Child Care Food Program
*Treats: pizza, candy, and other things not included on a normal basis.
*Toys, games, puzzles, books, chalkboards, movies, outdoor play equipment, cribs, and bedding.
*Training for provider & assistants, CPR, nutrition classes, safety  classes, safety abuse training, etc.
*Birthday & Christmas party supplies & gifts, as well as parties for other holidays.
*Sanitation of toys, extra dishes, etc.
*An extra load in the washer/dryer for blankets, clothing, towels.
*Utilities: electricity, gas, water, oil, cable, phone, garbage etc.
*Furniture wear & tear, cleaning, replacing, repairing rips & tears etc.
*Cleaning supplies for floors, dishes, laundry, toys, furniture, vacuum bags etc.
*And the list goes on........

*Do you pay for a whole month of cable-even if you only watch it 24 days a month?
*Do you pay full price for your VCR if you only use it twice a week?
*Do you pay full price for your meal even if you don’t finish it?
*Do you pay the same rent/mortgage even when you are at work 5 days a week?

You are guaranteed a spot for your child with your paid fees.  If it is not paid, I will fill it with someone else.







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