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2015 - 2016ThemesLettersNumbersColorsShapes
Sep-15I Am SpecialA, B, C1, 2, 3RedCircle
 Homes to Live In    
Oct-15Mischievous MiceD, E, F4, 5, 6Orange BlackTriangle
 On the Farm    
Nov-15Medieval Make-BelieveG, H, I7, 8BrownRectangle
 Cooling Off    
Dec-15Five Super SensesJ, K, L9, 10GreenStar
 Filling the Sleigh    
Jan-16Animals in the SnowM, N, O11, 12WhiteOctagon
 Creative Creations    
Feb-16Treats for My SweetP, Q, R13, 14PinkHeart
 Teddy Bear Games    
Mar-16You Are What You EatS, T, U15, 16BlueOval
 Bunches of Bunnies    
Apr-16Busy Birds and Buzzing BeesV, W, X17, 18YellowRhombus
 April Showers    
May-16Fabulous FlowersY, Z19, 20PurpleSquare
 A to Z Animals    
Jun-16Around the CampfireReviewReviewReviewReview
 Summer Safety    
Jul-16Fun in the SunReviewReviewReviewReview
 Fantastic Frogs    
Aug-16Pesky Picnic PestsReviewReviewReviewReview
 Island Getaway    


Sachse Child Care offers an educational preschool curriculum. Each child is encouraged to participate in our daily preschool activities. Our program is age and skill appropriate for children ages 18 months to 4. The curriculum offers theme based activities with a focus on numbers, letters, shapes, colors and more. Children over 3 years of age practice name writing and recognition, as well as learning their home phone number and address. I use a combination of learning and fun to get the best results. 


Heather Rogers 2000